Real Madrid regained their lead at the top of the table

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Real Madrid regained their lead at the top of the table after beating Rayo Vallecano narrowly 2-1 in La Liga on Saturday.

Spanish La Liga football 

Real Madrid 2 – Rayo Vallecano 1

Stadium: Santiago Bernabeu

Real Madrid sent Karim Benzema into a forward with Vinicius and Marco Asensio in support. While the visiting team dropped Radamel Falcao as a substitute.  

14 minutes into the game, Real Madrid took a 1-0 lead from Toni Kroos’ shot in the penalty area. Which has been focused. With the right in the penalty area from the opening of Marco Asensio.   

Five minutes later, the visitors had a chance when Fran Garcia opened the ball for Randy Enteca to head in the box. But it was saved by Thibaut Courtois. 

Real Madrid escaped 2-0 in the 38th minute. David Alaba opened the ball from the left into the penalty area, reaching Benzema. at the distant pillar

At the end of the first half, 43 minutes, the visiting team had a chance to react from the moment Oscar Trejo opened the ball for Alvaro Garcia to fire from the right in front of the penalty area. But still without Courtois, the first half ended with Real Madrid leading 2-0. 

Real Madrid regained their lead at the top of the table

In the second half of the 54th minute, Real Madrid almost got the third goal when Toni Kroos thumped Marco Asensio into the box, but Stol Dimitrievski. Come out to cover the corner well, so it can be protected.

The hosts should get it again 7 minutes later when Ferland Mendy hammered Karim Benzema’s heel for one stroke and shot with a focus on the right. But the ball flew past the triangle a bit out of the back. 

In 69 minutes, the visiting team adjusted the offensive game, sending Radamel Falcao onto the field instead of Randy Enteca, and just 7 minutes into the field. Falcao’s old tiger was the one who scored the goal, hitting the team when he opened the header. Alvaro Garcia’s score came back to 2-1.

The rest of the time Rayo tried to equalize and almost succeeded in injury time when Oscar Valentin dropped the orange in the penalty area. The ball was about to cross the line, but Toni Kroos narrowly cleared the line, ending the game with Real Madrid winning 2-1 to take the lead again.

List of players for both teams

Real Madrid: Thibaut Courtois – Daniel Carvajal, Eder Militao, David Alaba, Ferland Mendy – Eduardo Ga. Marmavinka, Carlos Casemiro, Toni Kroos – Marco Asensio, Vinicius Junior – Karim Benzema. 

Rayo Vallecano: Stol Dimitrievski; Ivan Ballu, Esteban Savellic, Alejandro Catena, Fran Garcia; Oscar. Valentin, Santiago Gomesagna – Easy Palazon, Oscar Trejo, Alvaro Garcia – Randy Enteca 

Referee: Pablo Gonzalez Fuertes