Olivier Giroud believes the France has lost a tactical balance

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AC Milan forward Olivier Giroud believes the France international has lost a tactical balance following the return of Karim Benzema.

AC Milan’s French striker Olivier Giroud has criticized the recall of Karim Benzema for the France squad, saying the tactics were so unbalanced that it would take time to re-establish it adapt. As well As reported by Mundo Deportivo on Saturday. 

France coach Didier Deschamps has recalled Real Madrid forward Benzema after a six-year hiatus. But there was criticism from Giroud, which was directly affected. After the 34-year-old spearhead of the Red Devils and Black team is out of the chicken badge team. That has queued to compete in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers during this month. 

‘I have nothing against Karim,’ Giroud said. But his return to the national team has created a tactical imbalance in the way we play.

‘It’s obvious in some games. Which fortunately can be relieved quickly. As we saw in the Nations League (France beat Spain 2-1)’

‘But maybe we’ll need time to adjust to this.’ 

‘Despite the difficulties, Karim has revolutionized the way we play offensively and any change cannot happen overnight. Especially in tournaments as important as the European Championships,’ Giroud said.