Muriqi reveals preparations before the Copa final.

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Mallorca’s Kosovo striker Vedat Muriqi thinks the Islanders must prepare mentally more than physically for Saturday’s Copa del Rey final football against Athletic Bilbao.

Mallorca’s Kosovo forward Vedat Muriqi has spoken about his preparation for the match. Saying it is more a mental effort than a physical one. Before the Islanders will face Athletic Bilbao in the finals of the Copa del Rey battle at Seville’s Estadio La Cartuja this Saturday. According to a report from Cadena Ser last Wednesday.

‘I don’t think we need to exercise as much. Mentally, we’re doing a lot more. It’s an important game. And you know what will happen to you. Every player dreams of winning the final. Physically we didn’t do anything special, but mentally I think you have to prepare a little bit differently.’UFABET 

Muriqi said:

‘I have experience and I know how to deal with it. I will handle it like a normal day. Everyone must prepare well. It’s not just up to the coach,’

Mallorca had many heroes en route to the final, starting with Kyle Larin, who scored in a 1-0 win over Tenerife in 120 minutes of extra time in the Round of 16 before defeating Ki. Rona 3-2 in the round of 8, finishing with a win over Real Sociedad from a duel 5-4 after 2 matches 1-1. 

‘I will never forget that game for the rest of my life. When we got to the penalty shootout The coach has already prepared who will perform the duties. He began to say names. After finishing speaking He asked us to shout each name he said ‘hey’ and celebrate. It made me feel calm. And I looked up at the Real Sociedad players and they were all looking at us thinking, ”What are these people celebrating?”

‘We won after that moment. I was very calm because I knew we were going to the finals. It got to the point where they told me to shut up. The truth is, it was a moment I will never forget. We were all very calm.’

For Javier Aguirre.

the Mexican trainer of Mallorca is known for having a sense of humor and a foul mouth. He has referred to Muriqi as ‘ugly’ on several occasions in the media. The Kosovo striker revealed that having a Mexican coach as boss is an important advantage.

‘Many times you laugh with him and it’s like that. But I like it when you go practice. His face will change. If you do a bad session or laugh about it. He knew it was going to be a mistake for us. He is very serious. The rest you can laugh with him 24 hours a day.’

‘When I looked on the sideline and saw Javier Aguirre there, I felt like we had another player. He has that kind of experience. And know how to talk to the referee, how to motivate, how to demotivate. We are lucky to have this coach.’

Many consider

Athletic Bilbao to be the stronger team and have a better chance of winning the Copa del Rey on Saturday, but Muriqui believes Mallorca can compete with the famous Basque team. Also good

‘Athletic are favorites, everyone knows that, they have more experience in this game. But they haven’t won the title in 40 years and they’re the favourites. But they also have a lot of pressure, more than us. We can use that to our advantage. And if we start the game well We will have a chance’

Muriqui also praised the Williams brothers, Inaghi and Nico, who are key forwards for Athletic Bilbao, revealing he still has a good relationship with Inaghi.

‘They’re like airplanes. I also have a very interesting friendship with Inaki. I talk to him during games. And we exchanged shirts a few times. They have two brother and sister players. Play on different sides of the field If you don’t know how to stop them, And you don’t give them more attention. They will put you in a position where you are not paying attention and then they will kill you. I like our defense. Teammates who are really like a wall’ Copa