The Pros and Cons Teaching Business Children

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The Pros and Cons of Too Much Teaching Business Children.

Teaching children to do business, make a living, think business It will make children know how to calculate numbers. Calculate the cost of doing business thoroughly. Know how to survive. But things like this also have negative effects. Because even with people around, family members, children may start Calculate some costs like doing business as well at UFABET.

Some children in this era have started to make a living since they were young. In addition, some parents teach their children how to make a living. But in this matter, one must know what the consequences will be. Because parents may also become customers who have to charge profits as well. Play and bring some parents to tears.

Advantages of teaching children to do business since they were young

Nowadays children Start working and earn money faster. Because there is a faster and easier way to make money. Especially selling things through the internet, selling things through Facebook, teaching your children to do business since they were young. Would have an advantage because of livelihood Sometimes it’s not necessary to start. After graduation. Starting first is an advantage. Have experience and knowledge in doing business able to build body faster Have experience in surviving because in this era doing business choppy Some occupations are ready to disappear from Nothing is stable, so the ability to survive is the most important.

Some people may think A child’s duty is to study. But doing business today Some work when you are already can hire someone else to replace it, not a problem at all teaching to start a business It will be a practice to think in yourself as well. Let the children learn about other than learning

Disadvantages of teaching your children to do business since they were young

business teaching There must be thinking about costs, expenses, profits, which must be inserted into the moral as well. because some children Will apply the matter of business thinking to every day life, such as charging wages, self-wage. When someone asks for help, whatever, will charge self-wage But what do you want when you want? I didn’t mention asking for free. This is an example of selfish behavior that occurs. followed in some children When you start thinking too much of a business idea

At first, the author was impressed that children knew how to think about profit and cost, which was the basis for doing business. But as time went on, it was found that for some people they charge money for everything. no matter who uses it for what charge everything is self-wage Everything has become a matter of money and gold. It has become selfish. People around yourself Whether it’s parents, siblings, friends, lovers, the way those people give Helping yourself may think. That it is something that comes for free without investment, but if you have to help others somehow, you will have to charge money or have to charge wages. Can’t distinguish what merit is what is business Even those close to them will charge money, think about business. All having to take care of parents will charge money, wages, otherwise they won’t do it. Some kids really think like this.

Therefore, teaching your children about doing business Morality must included. as a family member. Who use to have merit Small contributions common must sorte out. Not staring but will charge Charge only one wage. If you are with someone, it will be useful or useful to yourself. will associate with Anyone who is useless, will not associate with them, even if that person has had merit with them.