Drive geckos out of the house. Don’t come back to bother

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Drive geckos out of the house. Don’t come back to bother, don’t hurt each other, you can do it yourself.

Does anyone have a way to repel geckos? Someone please tell me!!!

          Many people almost faint when a house or condo has a problem with a gecko coming to live with it. On a good day, a gecko enters the house, what should I do? All eight sides are dark. Scared, scared. No matter how much you chase, it comes back to the same way. The more people are afraid of geckos and living alone, the more they can’t eat and can’t sleep at all. Come on! Today, will introduce 10 ways to get rid of geckos permanently. The type that will definitely not come back to bother you again Is there any way to follow at UFABET?

Let’s get to know the character of Gecko first.

          Before going to learn how to repel geckos like the kind that won’t bother you back. You must first feel and know the gecko’s temperament. For home geckos, called geckos for short, is a type of reptile. can adjust the color according to the living environment The eyes were large, green, with no eyelids covering them. like to eat at night Mainly eat insects They may also eat other small animals such as bird eggs or chicks, small birds, rodents or small rodents.

          Geckos tend to live both in wooded areas and in human homes. Likes to hide in the dark corner without disturbance. She lays eggs and loves to make noise. “Gecko.. Gecko” in a row. Anyone who has figured out how to chase geckos? Know that the gecko’s feet can cling to the wall strongly because there are more than 1,000 hairy “zeta” on its feet. Each line at the end of the branch branched out to more than 1,000 points, each point having a diameter of only 200 nanometers, which is usually small. If changing from the wall of the house to attaching to our arm Oh…I don’t want to think about it.

          The habit of the house gecko is an animal that has a fierce habit. They like to bite each other too and like to eat them too. In fact, it is known. that The gecko is fear by many. Its appearance is terrifying. coupled with a ferocious demeanor. Therefore, it is an animal that is not very popular as a pet. In addition to being a person who likes to raise reptiles or exotic animals. In fact, it may brought to a serious party.

Beliefs about geckos

          A little more before going to see how to repel geckos. In fact, the gecko and the beliefs of the ancients still exist for us to hear today. Ancient people have been told that “geckos” are the haunts of the spirits of ancestors and grandparents who have passed away. He often came to warn by shouting. which has different meanings Today collects ancient beliefs about geckos for you. At least it’s still good to listen to your ears. Because some beliefs do not believe, you have to believe, right? Let’s go see what’s there.

It is said that geckos sing during the day, there will be misfortune.

As I said at the beginning that normally geckos that live in the house will sing at night. But if a good day arises in the middle of the day No matter how many times he cries, it is an omen that misfortune is about to happen to the family or the house. Because normally geckos will not sing in the daytime, sure enough.

If sung less than 5 times, it doesn’t mean much. Slightly bad To chase or not to chase

Sing 5 times, meaning misfortune, various diseases, hurry to chase away from the house.

It is said that if a gecko jumps Or fall on the body, often unable to removำ. Because velcro is more sticky than glue. How to make it fall off, the ancients continued to say, “Let the person who is attached to the gecko hurry up to drink 3 jars of water, eat 3 plates of rice, and eat 3 piles of excrement, the gecko will fall off.” It’s a good idea that adults don’t want children. It is closer to the gecko. Because geckos are big and have sharp teeth. If it is near and caught without being careful. It may injure and dangerous, sure enough.